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Gepps X Centre, 750 Main North Road Gepps Cross SA 5094 AU

Phone: 08 8162 9479

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Meet Your Personal
Mattress Expert

Bruce Your manager at Sleepy's Gepps Cross

Here at Sleepy’s Gepps Cross we are really passionate about fitting our clients to the ideal bed and taking out all of the confusion for you. Our staff has been highly trained to become mattress experts.

Did you know that Sleepy’s is the only retailer with a mattress ranges tested and endorsed by the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia? Manufactured to the very highest standards exclusively for Sleepy’s stores and 100% Australian made. At Sleepy’s we are very focused on support, comfort and spinal alignment for all our clients. We spend almost a third of our lives in bed; and I can say from personal experience what a huge difference the right mattress can make to your quality of sleep and to your life.

I sleep on the amazing Sports Performance Revelation Deluxe mattress and can say hand on heart that it has really changed my life. On my days off I usually have a nap in the afternoon because I just love my bed so much!

We are confident that with our expertise and outstanding product range we can help you find the right mattress and we back that up by offering a peace of mind, 60 Night Comfort Exchange guarantee on all mattresses.

So come in and see Brenda, Wayne or myself and experience the Sleepy’s difference for yourself.


Chiropractors - Proud To be Associated with Sleepy's

Sleepy's is committed to helping you achieve a better, healthier sleep. Part of this is a collaboration between the store and local chiropractors who use and recommend our products.

The following chiropractors are dedicated to improving your wellbeing through healthy sleep and professional chiropractic care.