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  • Chiro Reach Luxury

    Chiro Reach Luxury // QueenChiro Reach Luxury // QueenChiro Reach Luxury // QueenChiro Reach Luxury // Queen
    Chiro Reach Luxury // QueenChiro Reach Luxury // QueenChiro Reach Luxury // QueenChiro Reach Luxury // Queen
    Chiro Reach Luxury // Queen
    The high performance graphene-infused memory foam is designed to whisk heat away from the body producing a temperature neutral sleep.
    CAA Endorsed 60 Night Comfort Exchange Guarantee $3,799.00 Normal Ticket Price $4,999.00
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    At A Glance

    • Non-Zoned Support
    • Comfort Layers
    • Pressure Relief
    • Disturbance Minimisation
    • Edge Support
    • Temperature Neutrality
    • Non-allergenic


    CAA Tested and Approved


    5 Zone



    Support Technology
    The support technology for the Chiro Reach Collection incorporates an Australian made 5 zone pocket spring system.

    Support System
    Graphene-infused memory foam conforms to the body, delivering outstanding pressure relief and temperature neutrality, assisting with spinal alignment and delivers a feeling of weightlessness while sleeping.

    Australian Made
    The Chiro Reach Collection is exclusive to Sleepy's and made in Australia.

    Temperature Neutrality
    Super-conductive graphene particles condense under your sleeping body, providing a pathway for heat to move away from your body.

    Partner Disturbance Minimisation
    One of the benefits of the Australian made pocket spring is that each spring works in isolation minimising partner disturbance and allowing a peaceful nights sleep.

    Pressure Relief
    Graphene Visco conforms to your body and can help reduce pressure points that inhibit circulation.

    All domestic orders will be received in approximately 10-14 working days. Please note, this time frame is dependent on the leadtimes from our manufacturers as our mattresses are made when ordered.

    Delivery charge for all orders includes postage and handling. This fee is determined by our third party delivery agents, and is based primarily on the physical size of the order placed and the distance between the store and the place of delivery.

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