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Florence Broadhurst Range

If your mattress could speak, what would it say? The Florence Broadhurst range is exclusive to Sleepy’s and exudes style and class, bringing the perfect blend of aesthetics and comfort to your bedroom.

Thanks to the selection of mattresses on offer from the designer Florence Broadhurst range, a calm, restful night is more than a dream – it could be reality. These mattresses use an Australian-made, 7 zone pocket spring system that helps keep your body aligned, bringing you the peaceful sleep you can only achieve when you are fully relaxed and comfortable.

The zones do more than aid in alignment – they also help minimise partner disturbance, letting you stay in your slumber when your partner toss and turns.

The Florence Broadhurst range of mattresses takes comfort one step further, boasting premium memory foams that mould to your body and eliminate pressure points while providing a high level of support.

With a number of designs to choose from, you can discover a mattress that suits your personality and taste. You don’t need to be a lover of arts to fall in love with one of these beautiful mattresses.

Would like to own a mattress that provides the ultimate in style and function, adding to your bedroom atmosphere and overall sleep experience? Head down to your local Sleepy’s store if you would like to chat to one of our expert team members or try a Florence Broadhurst mattress. Alternatively, use our website to order your new mattress today – we deliver right to your home.

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